Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a technology that facilitates the processing of online transactions by securely connecting an e-commerce website or mobile application to the payment processor or acquiring bank. It acts as a bridge between the merchant's website and the financial institutions involved in a transaction. Popular payment gateway providers include Stripe, PayPal, Square, Authorize.Net, and Braintree. The choice of a payment gateway depends on factors such as business needs, geographic coverage, supported payment methods, and integration options. Integrating a reliable and secure payment gateway is crucial for ensuring a smooth and secure online payment experience for both merchants and customers.

  1. Recurring Payments
    • Some payment gateways support recurring billing for subscription-based services, automatically charging customers on a regular schedule.

  2. Multi-Currency Support
    • Many payment gateways support transactions in multiple currencies, allowing businesses to accept payments from customers worldwide.

  3. Analytics and Reporting
    • Payment gateways often provide reporting tools that allow merchants to track transactions, analyze sales data, and generate financial reports.

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