About Us


Maharaja Infotech is a knowledge based, quality and result driven organisation operating since 2015. It was started with an intent to hone and develop the career skills in students and professionals. Our service portfolio and products are focused on providing unparalleled and sustainable Career Solutions. We are on a mission to provide the highly potent and stadardized Career Selection Tools and Career Development Solutions to Hi-School Teens, College Students, Working Professionals, Business Owners and Corporations. Furthermore, the Career Development Training Programmes are developed through an exotic amalgam of Scientific and Vedic tools and techniques.

We assess and refine the greenhorns and mid career professionals for eventually channelizing them to an appropriate career path. In this process, our VIP Career Assessment undertakes the genuine evaluation of their innate talents, abilities, interests and hundreds of other individual factors. It draws out the 360 degrees career potency view of the assesse from all the possible career assessment angles and dimensions.

The testing tools and techniques are developed in consultation with the Polished Psychometricians, Vedic Science Experts and in connection with BIA- The Guinness World Record Holder in the dimension of Mind Power Techniques.

The assessment is skillfully crafted by deploying the advanced algorithems blended with the standardized iterations and is available on our SAAS enabled VIP Career Assessment Platform. Furthermore our service portfolio includes Skills training, Career Guidance and end-to-end Career Solutions. Our training programmes are crafted and delivered via sustainable and formative pedagogical protocol aiming to boost the performance of our patrons in the personal and professional arena. Moreover, we nurture them as a community through our unparalleled career stewardship.

Our Mission

  • We shall put every possible effort to provide the best possible quality driven career and life skills focused assessment,  training and development solutions to make our community as the most potent community of the professionals worldwide.
  • We shall focus on designing contemporary career and life skills centred publications based on extensive research.
  • We shall venture to build up a strong professional nexus for creating a substantial pool of  influencers for our community.
  • We shall endeavour to provide the paramount career stewardship by bridging the gap between the actual v/s desired career and life skills.
  • We shall set the new benchmark of quality in our functionality and shall strive for continual improvement in all our offerings in order to gain stake holder’s delight.
  • We shall effort to match the personal and professional wavelength of our patrons in-order to  increase their career and life satisfaction quotient.



1) Quality: We endeavour to make quality service and customer delight as our success recipe. In line we imbibe unique and unparalleled value addition to all our offerings.

2)Process Excellence: We are a stern follower of continuous improvement proposition as we exert to bring excellence in our progression.

3)Professionalism: We believe in being professional, methodical and coordinated in all our actions. We do not let emotions, biases and preferences interfere with work and simultaneously maintain cordial relations with all our stakeholders.

4)Discipline: We maintain and adhere to the norms, rules and procedures drawn for the organisational functionality and for achieving customer satisfaction and delight.

5) Commitment: We are committed to add value to all our stakeholders by providing them premium services in every walk of our operation.  

6) Trust-worthiness: We honour our commitments, say what we mean and do what we say, and will do what is obligatory for us to do without any follow-up.

7) Timeliness: We ensure that we pace with the time as per the need of the hour and we exert to fulfil all our commitments in the stipulated time norms.

8) Stewardship: We are focused to produce highly efficient and result driven workforce and we exert to nurture our community through our unparalleled career stewardship.

9) Give Back: We are committed to serve the society through our philanthropical undertakings and effectuate community services. 


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